USPS Holiday Shipping Delays

Posted by Katherine Sobolewski on

As of December 14, 2020, we CANNOT guarantee delivery of packages by Christmas this year. 


The delay in package deliveries by the USPS only continues to worsen and some packages aren't even being scanned to update the tracking at all. USPS cites COVID as an issue for reduced staff and a major increase in packages being sent as the two major causes of all the delays.

While these are understandable issues given the circumstances, it is also understandably frustrating to have your purchases delayed. 


In the past, delayed packages (and even those whose tracking was not updated) have all been delivered successfully. I am hoping this continues to be the case. 


If you are having any issues with a delayed package, please do not hesitate to reach out. There is not much I can do to fix the problem, but we can at least monitor the tracking to make sure it hasn't been lost. 



If you are looking for a way to avoid shipping delays when gift shopping, we do have some options for you:

- a Hook & Harbor Co. gift card that will be emailed to the recipient 

- a digital Stitch Chart of our 2 Christmas designs 



Thank you in advance for your patience as we try to navigate yet another hurdle of 2020! 



Announcement posted on the USPS website:




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