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We are so happy to share this free stitch chart with all of you!

You may be wondering, "What do pickles have to do with Christmas?"...

Well, for some families, placing a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree is a long-standing tradition. Typically, this ornament is glass and is the last one placed on the tree. Then whoever is able to find the pickle gets to open an extra present. 

My maternal grandmother did this for us every year! We would run into her house Christmas morning and immediately start searching the tree. She didn't have an extra present for the winner, but she did have cash! One year, after the glass pickle broke, my sister made a replacement out of notebook paper she colored with green crayon, added stuffing and covered in scotch tape. This remained our 'Christmas pickle' until my grandmother wasn't able to celebrate Christmas anymore. 

This year, I had my first full-size Christmas tree in my house, so I wanted to make my own pickle ornament. But I also wanted to stitch something that had a nod to my dad's side of the family as well. My dad and his family are from Pittsburgh and the Heinz pickle felt like the perfect homage!

I stitched this pickle on 18 mesh with fiber from my stash. I will update this blog post with information on how I finish this ornament. 



Stitch Charts

Stitch Charts are super easy to use and are a great way to save money on this hobby. We have several FREE charts that are perfect for beginners and have step by step instructions for transferring designs from charts to canvas. The instructions in those charts would be helpful to reference if you have never used a chart before. 


Please note: this chart is for personal use only. You may not sell any items based on this content. 

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